Sabbath School

Here you will find links for Sabbath School classes currently being offered during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We also provide some other resources at the bottom of the page for your consideration as you seek to make Sabbath special for you and your family.  

Adult SS

Click the blue-button below to join our online Sabbath School class via ZOOM!  



Cradle Roll

Something online is being planned for the little ones of our church. Check back SS morning to see what's in store.  


Mrs. Rojas has a message for her students and wants to encourage you to check out resources near the bottom of this page.  


Ms. Chalfant has a nature nugget for you all of you in Primary Sabbath School.  And here is a link for you to explore:

Juniors / Earliteens

Mrs. Murray has a message for her students and would like to encourage you to check out this great resource while we are apart.  

Other Resources

Here are some links to other online options for Sabbath School.

Other Online Resources:

Crafts and Activities:

Parent and Teacher Resources: is a children's ministries website from the North American Division and has some neat resources that parents and teachers may find useful. Here are some links from the site:

This time of uncertainty can be as concerning for kids as it is for adults, and it's important to talk with kids about their concerns. Here are some resources that parents can share with their kids: