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August 25, 2023


Dillon’s early spiritual life was haphazard. “I remember my family going to different churches from time to time but never to any one of them regularly. Sometimes, many years passed before we went to a church again, but we never attended for long.” 

In high school, Dillon learned to relish being the center of attention and became a famous disc jockey at parties. Unfortunately, that led to an involvement with drugs and bad relationships. He says, “Without God, my happiness was found in vanity.” 

But his intense search for recognition, coupled with a breakup that left him heartbroken, eventually led Dillon into depression. He sought a spiritual solution by attending a meditation class led by a priest. “At first, I found it to be helpful, but then I realized that it was just a superficial relaxation technique.” 

Meanwhile, his mother and grandmother had joined a Sabbath-keeping church, and his mother came in contact with Amazing Facts. Still suffering the disappointment of an empty spiritual life, Dillon remembered a set of Amazing Facts DVDs his mother had given him. “It was a series of sermons about prophecy,” he says. “I had never watched or thought about them until then. But I enthusiastically studied those messages and made notes of all the prophecy events. I was baptized that summer after a likeminded pastor gave me Bible studies.” 

Dillon says that Amazing Facts’ presentations were critical in proving that this newfound faith was worth his attention: “I had a lot of skepticism about Christianity because of my religious education,” he admits. “I needed to see just how supernatural the Bible is, and prophecy was one way for me to see that.” 

What Dillon found changed his life. He’s abandoned drugs, alcohol, and being a music DJ at parties. Reading about the benefits of a plant-based diet convinced him to abandon unclean foods. And he’s dating a young woman who shares his faith, and they’re even contemplating a life of ministry together. 

Dillon explains, “I would like to do something significant for the Lord. I feel like everything I know I learned since becoming a Christian. ... I have even become a better student and I’m giving Bible studies to a classmate about the same prophecy that convinced me.” 

After years of aimlessness and despair, Dillon has found purpose and direction. 

Reflect: Does fulfilled Bible prophecy persuade you that Scripture is true? Think about one Bible prediction that has convicted you of the reliability of the Word of God and share it with a friend. 


- Blessings! 

And now I have told you before it takes place, so that when it does take place you may believe.

John 14:29

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