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Here you will find all the resources you need to connect and stay connected to the church family.


Each Thursday afternoon, a bulletin is posted with the service plans for that Sabbath and current announcements.  


Listen live each Sabbath to Sabbath School and the worship service and listen to sermons on archives.  

Mid-Week Study

Each Wednesday at 7 p.m., we gather via ZOOM for a Bible study. We typically work our way verse by verse through a book of the Bible with discussion and questions welcome.  


Each week we gather to for study and worship together.  We are so excited about our Sabbath school program.  We have classes for every age group, including toddlers.  The adults study a Sabbath school lesson that is usedd around the world by the Adventist church.  Each quarter, a Bible theme or book of the Bible is studied.  

Then for the worship hour, we gather to share our prayer requests and then go to our knees in prayer.  Then we sing hymns of praise and share a story for the children, and then one of the pastors will share a message from God's Holy Bible.  

We hope you will join us soon.  

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