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Community Service Center

Our mission at the Greeneville Seventh-Day Adventist Church is to serve the community in Christ's name. We are a dedicated, motivated, spiritual Community Service Center seeking opportunities to serve Greene County. 

Our vision is to expand the scope of community services, build collaborative partnerships, and integrate education into leadership development.

We offer help in the following ways:

>> Emotional and Spiritual

>> Tutoring and Mentoring

>> Hope for Humanity

>> Clothing and Hygiene

>> Food

>> Financial


Where to find us >

Our Community Service Center is located just behind our church on Idletime Drive, and across the street from Kiser-Rose Funeral Home.


120 Idletime Drive, Greeneville, TN


Monday and Tuesday, 9am to 12pm

Our Services >


Monday and Tuesday, 9am to 12pm


Tuesday, 9am to 11am


Tuesday, 9am to 11pm

>> For financial assistance, please bring the following with you: photo ID, proof of income and or food stamps, and the bill that you need help with.


Do you need help with getting food or water, paying a utility bill, or just need an ear to talk to? Please reach out. 

How can we help?

We will be in contact soon.

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