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Online Bible Studies

Do you want to learn more about God and the Bible?

Here are some great places to start.

“I USED TO MOCK GOD,” said Mark. But that all changed when his airplane ran into a night time snowstorm and there was not enough fuel to reach the Alaskan Arctic airstrip. His plane had been running on empty for 30 minutes when the engine started misfiring. As he prepared to crash into the Bering Sea, Mark grasped his last option. He had never prayed before, but in desperation, he lifted up a silent prayer. “If there is a God, I need your help now!”

In these rapidly changing and challenging times—when promises of stability and safety rarely come through; when trusted spiritual leaders prove false; when lying in politics seems to be the norm; when those you depend on the most often hurt you the deepest—is there anything left you can trust? Yes! You can fully trust the Bible! Why? Let’s take a look at the evidence …

Many people come up with the question of whether it’s fair to punish everyone for eternity, whether Jesus really condemned millions for not believing and accepting him, and finally, who is God—a God of love or vengeance? If you are one of them, this study is for you!

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